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Startravel 80
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Children`s Telescopes & Accessories

A good Telescope will open up a whole new world
of discovery for your child (and need not cost
the earth!)

Need UK Delivery within 24 hours ? Usually no problem, and no extra charge. For advice on buying our Optical Instruments, call us 7 days a week on UK +44 (0)1449 763 120

Astronomy is a fascinating hobby and opens up a whole new world of discovery for the more inquisitive child (and also great for parents who want to recapture some of their childhood excitement!). Knowledge gained during childhood through astronomy - about the moon, planets, solar systm and star constellations tends to remain with people throughout their lives. The most important tool of the astronomer is the Telescope (although sometimes a good pair binoculars may be used).There are two main categories of telescope: RefRACtors and RefLECtors. Refractors, use two or more lenses to collect and focus the light from an object to the eye of the observer (or a digital camera sensor), and can trace their design back to the telescopes of Galileo’s era. Reflectors, developed by Isaac Newton in the 17th century, use mirrors to focus the light. As magnifications increase, impurities in the glass of lenses can cause distortion (commonly a “rainbow-like” halo around objects) requiring expensive and difficult treatments and coatings to correct. Reflectors telescopes avoid this problem, and are generally cheaper to manufacture for a given sized aperture (the main lens or mirror used to catch the incoming light). As a result, most high-performance optical telescopes, including the Hubble Space Telescope, are reflector designs.

Mercury 707 Telescope from Sky Watcher Skywatcher Astrolux Telescope Heritage 76 Telescope from Sky Watcher Mercury 607 Telescope from Sky Watcher
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Sky-Watcher ST2060 Spotting Scope Children's Telescope from Action Science Sky-Watcher ST1545 Spotting Scope Skywatcher Infinity 76P Telescope
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Earth & Constellation Globe Fine Brass™ Admiral 1 Telescope - Helios Moon in My Room Star Theatre 2 Home Planetarium
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Remote Control Solar System Mobile Outer Space Fact Finder
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Choosing a Telescope: The most important thing to look for in a telescope is the quality of the lenses and mirrors. Generally speaking, the larger the diameter of the LIGHT COLLECTOR (on a refractor telescope, this is the diameter of the objective lens, on a reflector telescope, this is the diameter of the main mirror), the more light can be collected, and hence the greater the quality of the magnified image. Usually, the more you pay, the higher the quality of the magnified image. This is not always the case though among the telescopes we regularly review. We have chosen our range of children's telescopes in such a way that they represent a very good trade-off between quality and price. These telescopes are powerful enough to enable amateur astronomists - especially children and curious adults - to discover a wealth of hidden secrets in the night sky, without their parents having to pay the earth!

Origins of Telescopes: Lenses were invented independently in Europe and China, sometime around 1250. As far as anyone knows, it took 350 years for someone to combine lenses to make a telescope. Two Dutch spectacle makers, Hans Lipperhey and Jacob Metius, may independently have been the first people to create telescopes by fixing two lenses in a frame or tube to see long distances. The first telescopes were used as battlefield tools, but the Italian astronomer Galileo was the first person to use a telescope to look at the stars. With this advantage he was the first person to see the craters on the moon, the moons of Jupiter and Saturn’s rings.

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  • Good Morning. Telescope safely received yesterday, thank you so much - Bruce H, Beds
    Skywatcher Infinity 76P Telescope
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