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Products for language learners

Need UK Delivery within 24 hours ? Usually no problem, and no extra charge. For advice on buying our Language Products, call us 7 days a week on UK +44 (0)1449 763 120

Whether you are looking to keep up with home news, learning a foreign language, or are simply looking for some great subscription offers, we aim to keep you well informed ...

  No-one wants to lose the plot right in the middle of a book when they bump into a word they don't understand! Here's a neat idea that means you don't even have to scuttle off to the bookshelf to find out. Our ultra-thin DICTIONARY BOOKMARKS have taken the well-known Collins Dictionaries, shrunk them down to size. popped on some helpful buttons. So now the answer you seek is right here at your fingertips, meaning you can type in and read on all from the comfort of your own book! Ideal for children and adults alike.  French-English , Spanish-English , German-English , Italian-English , English - Grey Colour , English - Pink Colour  only: £ 19.95
  SCANNING PENS: Our pocket-size, user-friendly Quicktionary® Pens enable students and people working in multilingual environments to translate and define printed material without disrupting their reading process. Our ReadingPen® products serve as assistive reading devices for people with reading difficulties such as dyslexia and our InfoScanTM Pens are an effective productivity tool for business people and students, allowing them to scan printed text and transfer it to a PC or handheld device either immediately or at a later time.  more info  only: £ 129.95
  Electronic Dictionaries have come a long way over the last few years, and our LEXIBOOK range really do pack in a lot of power. Not all electronic dictionary products are the same and we have chosen these products carefully. The Lexibook range is the best we have reviewed, scoring highly for simplicity (switch on and go), effectiveness, and very reasonable price.  more info  only: £ 39.95
  MAGNETIC POETRY can be considered a true pop culture phenomenon. Today, the Magnetic Poetry product line contains more than 90 titles, including these shown here, which are particulary useful for people learning French, Spanish, Italian, German or English. Studies have proven that playing with these sets is helping students to learn words, structures and spelling in their chosen foreign languages. Each kit comes with over 450 individual words printed onto small fridge magnets, enabling you to create sentences. Can be used on the fridge door, on a filing cabinate, on a tray on your lap - in fact on any metal surface. So why not buy a kit and bring some additional fun to your language learning.  more info  only: £ 17.95
  Our BERLITZ language courses are a complete language-learning package all in one box. What we ike about these language courses are their quality and flexibility - you really can use these learning materials practically anywhere, and the mix of different learning media eg PC and audio CD adds to the interest of using this course.  French , Italian  only: £ 19.95
As one of the world's best selling international weekly newspapers, THE GUARDIAN WEEKLY brings together seven days worth of news, comment and analysis from across the globe. It uses content from the Guardian, plus selected articles from the Observer, the Washington Post and Le Monde. From politics and development, to science and culture, this unique publication gives depth and perspective to the often-confused events of the week - making it an indispensable read for more than 200,000 people around the globe. Guardian Weekly also carries a monthly education supplement called Learning English that offers specific features and materials for tutors and learners of English.
more info  only: £ 149.00

  Each week THE ECONOMIST offers you an international perspective and an independent view on the news, issues and events shaping our world. From business to politics, technology to the arts - THE ECONOMIST is renowned for the breadth of its coverage, while its analysis is always sharp, entertaining and comprehensive. It is read and respected by world leaders and has gained a reputation as a crucial aid to informing and influencing their opinions. Subscribe now to one of the world`s best international weeklies.  more info  only: £ 175.00
  Our Active Language© Lab is a FREEonline learning program, brought to you by Eurocosm. This popular online language-learning tool enables you to learn up to 5 languages at the same time to a very high level. start here

Are you Outside the UK? - although we are UK-based, we do offer a European, US & worldwide shipping service. Just add the product to your cart and then select the delivery country on our cart page - delivery charges are calculated automatically ...

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