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1.4m Stand, 60cm Grill
1.75m Stand, 60cm Grill
1.75m Stand, 70cm Grill


Bag for 60cm grill
Bag for 6L Stew Pot
Bag for BBQ-pan
Bag for Tripod
BBQ-pan (half)
Brazier long legs
Brazier 2mm Steel
Chains 50cm
Chains 60cm
Coffee/Tea Pot
Gloves - sm
Gloves - md
Gloves - lg
Grill Grid 60cm
Grill Grid 70cm
Spice rack
Stew Pot, 3 L
Stew Pot, 6 L
Stew Pot, 8 L
Stew Pot, 15 L
Tipi cover 140cm
Tipi cover 175cm
Tool Set


Safety Firepit
Square Firepit
Terrace Firepit
Urban Firepit 550
Urban Firepit 650
Urban Firepit 880

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Bon Fire Outdoor Cooking Equipment

Our high-quality campfire cooking equipment is perfect for cooking outdoors,
and is a novel idea for parties too!

- - -    Special Offer:  Great savings on accessories if purchased with a 3-Leg Stand
click here for more details!
   - - -

Need UK Delivery within 24 hours ? Usually no problem, and no extra charge. For advice on buying our Campfire Equipment, call us 7 days a week on UK +44 (0)1449 763 120

With the new Bon-fire kitchen you can cook food in an exciting way. At home on the terrace, on the beach, on picnics - anywhere! It is nice & easy, and Bon-fire lets you cook and fry at the same time. Put the steaks on the grill while the fresh potatoes boil in the enameled pot. Or fry the sausages on the barbecue pan while the children make small twisted breads on sticks. And finish off the evening by boiling the water for a nice cup of coffee or tea while watching the sun set. All in one The Bon-fire consists of the tri-pod which is easy to unfold and put over the fire, a large grid and support chains. We also sell a wide range of high-quality accessories. All parts are easy to clean and carry around. Great savings on accessories if purchased with a 3-Leg Stand - click on a tripod below for more details!

1.4m High 3-Leg Stand, 60cm Grill
Medium-sized collapsible tripod with grill, cooks for up to 25-30 people  our price: £99.00
1.75m High 3-Leg Stand, 60cm Grill
Large-sized collapsible tripod with grill, cooks for up to 25-30 people  our price: £129.00
1.75m High 3-Leg Stand, 70cm Grill
Large-sized collapsible tripod with grill, cooks for up to 60 people  our price: £164.00
Bon-fire BBQ-pan
Hangs like the grill grid, used for frying, or even paella!  our price: £69.00
3 Litre Campfire Saucepan
Range of tough enamel cooking pots, sizes 3 to 15 litres  our price: £49.95
Bon Fire Outdoor Cooking Accessories
FULL RANGE of Bon-Fire campfire accessories  from: £8.95

The perfect Campfire
There are many different kinds of fires. We have pictured a pagoda fire - because it burns easily and is perfect for cooking. Our recommendation: · Find two logs, approx. diameter should be 10 - 15 cm, length 30 cm. Lay them down in parallel with some space between them, in the wind direction. Find two more logs, slightly thinner than the first, and put them across the other two. Add a third pair of logs as shown, so the fire looks like like a small house/pagoda (see drawing). Make some small balls of creased newspaper and put them into the pagoda. Stick short twigs all around the newspaper balls. Light the fire with a match from the wind direction to allow the flames to be sucked into the fire. Find some more short twigs and put plenty of them into the fire. Add thicker twigs into the fire, building up to firewood, remembering to lay them down crosswise to help feed air to the fire. If you wish to cook food over the fire, we recommend you put lots of firewood on from the start - this way you will have a good bed of hot coals for when you are ready to barbecue. Remember to keep feeding the fire with wood. Now it is time for you to relax!

Usually sent to UK mainland addresses on a next-day courrier service. Delivery overseas can take a few days longer. We generally dispatch sameday if you order before 12 noon. When you input your address details, you can also add special delivery instructions.

Bon-fire is a Danish company, specialising in high-quality outdoor cooking equipment. The quality of the Bon-fire camp fire equipment is very good indeed and is built to last, making it ideal not only of home use, but also for club and commercial cooking envirnoments.

Are you Outside the UK? - although we are UK-based, we do offer a European, US & worldwide shipping service. Just add the product to your cart and then select the delivery country on our cart page - delivery charges are calculated automatically ...

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