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Solar Panel Accessories, Fixtures & Fittings

Everything needed for the DIY'er to install a new
solar panel system, or upgrade an existing one!

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Here we present our range of solar panel accessories for those installing a new system, or upgrading an existing one. You may also be interested to see our Panel MOUNTING Accessories and LIGHTING Accessories. Click on the images below to ENLARGE.

Charge Controllers (Voltage Regulators)
All solar panels (except the 5w &10W) require a voltage regulator to ensure that the battery is not overcharged, and to prevent reverse drain. The 4A, 8A & 12A versions are as shown on the left. Click here to see the 20A Charge Controller, 30A Charge Controller with LCD display and 45A Charge Controller with LCD display.

 from  £ 49.00

Sealed Lead-Acid 12V Batteries
Sealed Rechargable Lead-Acid 12V Battery.

 from  £ 39.00

12v DC to 240v AC Solar Inverters
High quality modified sinewave inverters to increase the output voltage from a 12v battery to 240v AC. Useful Applications: Run Notebook computers, Radios, TV's, VCR's, Lamps, Fans, Fax, ETC

 from  £ 5.95

Digital Solar Installation Meter
A high quality tool to enable users to assess the performance of a solar installation and battery.
  £ 29.95

All-Weather Control Box
Ideal to hold a battery (up to 110Ah) and charge controller in a dry and safe environment. With 1 x input socket (for the solar panel), 2 x output sockets and a master on/off switch, it enables any installation to be housed in a tidy professional way. The battery box incorporates a simple meter indicating battery power levels. Wire harness inside is included - just add a battery and charge controller. image 1, image 2
  £ 24.00

All Weather Battery Box - Wall Mount
A neat way to house your battery (up to 110Ah) and charge controller - can also be wall mounted. Dimensions: 345 x 206 x 152mm.
  £ 19.99

12V Timer Switch
Easy to install, turns on your light automatically just when you need it. Each day of the week can be programmed separately. Ideal for switching on an outdoor light during the hours of darkness, or when you are away. Can also be used for solar-powered fountains, greenhouse heaters etc
  £ 18.00

12V Movement Sensor
Easy to install, turns your light on when it detects someone standing nearby. Ideal for nightime access and security applications. Adjustable range & sensitivity.
  £ 359.00

Cable Packs
We use the finest UV stabilised, low profile cable with all our solar panel products. Using high quality cable allows the current to run more freely and will not degrade if left outside in an exposed location. 2mm cable is generally used with 80W and above panels. It is also used on smaller panels if the cable run is much above 50m.

 from  £ 179.00

Solar Cable Entry Box
To be used where a neat waterproof seal is required at the point where the cable from your solar panels enter into your building.
  £ 29.00

Solar Panel Bag
A great addition where your panel will be used in temporary locations - e.g. with a touring caravan. Made from hard wearing shower resistant Cordura, the carry bag offers tough custom built protection for your solar panel.

 from  £ 49.00

More accessories:
Mounting Accessories
Wide range of fixtures & fittings to help you mount your panel on buildings, motorhomes, boats, and in the garden.
Lighting Accessories
Get the most out of your captured energy with our range of highly efficient lighting accessories.

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