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At we want to help take the stress out of shopping. Our gardening gift range below represents the best of all the garden-related products we have reviewed and tested - so all are highly recommended. Choose a product below and click on the corresponding link to see our entire ranges and to obtain more detailed information. If you need any assistance, or wish to order over the telephone, please call us 7 days a week on UK +44 (0)1449 763 120.

"PotMover" - it'll save your back!

Re-siting plant containers and pots is a job many put off for as long as possible. The task is back-breaking and difficult. However, help is at hand. The PotMover is designed as a convenience for the millions of gardeners who now view their patio as a "Room Outside" More info. only:  £ 59.95

The Gloves that are causing a stir in the gardening world!

Not only are these gloves are coming top in gardening glove comparison reviews in gardening journals, they have also received a prestigious Certificate of Merit at the Chelsea Flower Show, and been awarded the top exhibit prize at the "BBC Gardeners World Live" event. So what could be so special about a pair of gardening gloves?
More info. from only:  £ 19.95

Electric Fly & Wasp Swatter

The BUG ZAPPER, is claimed to be the fastest, cleanest and most effective insect terminator. Our own review of this product has been very favourable - looking a bit like a tennis racket, this fly-killer is one of the most effective (and, dare we say "fun"?) solutions to the summer fly problem we have seen. Ideal for lunches and barbecues out in the garden.
More info. only:  £ 5.95

Spider Grabber!

The Spider Grabber is an innovative new product which uses two sets of bristles to gently catch the spider or insect, carefully trapping it until you decide when and where to let it go. Because of it's flexible bristles and long reach, it can get into high corners and awkward spots to capture those pesky little beasts without you having to go near them. If you want to move insects, but you don't want to kill them either, then the Spider Grabber is just the right gadget for you.
More info. only:  £ 9.95

Soil Testing Kits

Every good gardening book will tell you that best gardening results can only be achieved if you match plant preferences to the chemical composition of the soil. Our range of soil testing kits are designed for both novices and experts, and will help you to choose new plants, or take the correct remedial action to help your existing ones. Look out for our Electronic Meter, which we are particularly happy with. More info. from only:  £ 9.95

More volume than a barrow, and much less strain!

Our lightweight but strong garden carts carry much more volume than a traditional wheelbarrow, yet put much less strain on your back. Ideal for moving clippings, leaves plant pots, logs, paving slabs and garden tools and equipment.
More info. from only:  £ 119.00

Plant Pal - Advanced Moisture Meter

60% of house plants actually die because of OVER WATERING! Our Plant Pal advanced moisture meter contantly monitors the moisture content of the soil, and 'sings' if your plant needs water! So your plants need never suffer from too little (or too much!) water. Automatic light sensor, so will not sing at night! 2 designs available. More info. only:  £ 8.95

Solar Power Lighting Kits

Proper solar-powered lighting, ideal for lighting up the shed or greenhouse - each bulb gives off the equivalent amount of light as a 40W domestic bulb, so powerful enough to be useful in the garden. And, what's more, the energy you use is free and renewable ...
More info. from only:  £ 94.00

Scarecrow Sprinkler - Keeps animals off your garden!

The Scarecrow sprinkler is simply an excellent product, that REALLY WORKS. If you have ever had to deal with the difficult problem of (usually other people's) pets using your lawn to relieve themselves, stopping a heron devouring the fish in your pond, or simply keeping birds off the vegetable patch, you will know that there are many solutions to the problem, but that nearly all of them don't work. Well, this one really does work. Connects to your garden hose and requires one 9V battery to run. (Great fun for kids too!) More info. only:  £ 69.95

Woodstock Chimes

Simply the most tuneful wind chimes you can buy. The larger models have lower tones and slower rythms, perfect for adding a hint of spiritual discovery to your garden More info. from only:  £ 29.95

Garden Hammocks

A garden hammock provides the perfect opportunity to relax in the shade after working in the garden - the ideal place from which to appreciate the freshly-cut lawn. Hammocks also make an attractive garden feature and, these days, you don't need two perfectly-separated trees to put one up. More info. from only:  £ 54.00

Electric Tealights

These aren't the only electric tea-lights, but they are the best - behaving incredibly like a real candle. Ideal for placing around the garden to produce a magical atmosphere. No fiddling about trying to light candles, and they won't blow out! More info. pack of 6 only:  £ 7.95

Garden Planning Software

The Complete Gardens Interactive 'Plant Finder & Gardening Guide' CD Rom, is a quick and easy tool packed full of ideas to help you create a garden with all year colour & interest. Find the right plants for your garden and conditions. Search by Latin & common Name, flower & leaf Colour, Month, Aspect & Soil type. Learn how to grow healthy plants that will thrive & look their best. Know which, when & how to prune your plants.
More info. only:  £ 19.95

Torches & Lights

Our Hotspot garden lights are extremely popular and were finalists in the British Classic Design Awards. The lights are completely mobile, require no wiring or plumbing, and can be used for illuminating alfresco dinner parties, driveways, lawns or any other number of locations. More info. from only:  £ 49.00

Gardener's Radio

The R550 Roberts Radio in Green has got to be the ideal gardner's radio - a true classic in terms of radio design and, with it's long-lasting battery operation, is perfect for taking with you down to the potting shed, or tuning into Gardeners Question Time on Radio 4. More info. from only:  £ 124.00

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