Lambada Hammocks from Amazonas

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Large South American Traditional Family Hammocks from Amazonas

Compact & Lightweight, yet large enough for
one person to to stretch out diagonally in the true Braziallian style ...

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Our Lambada Hammocks from Amazonas are single-person high-quality Brazilian hammocks made in the traditional South American style. South America is where hammocks first originated. The most individual among our hammocks. Despite their handy compactness, these single hammocks are nonetheless large enough for one person to to stretch out diagonally in the true Brazilian style. We have 4 colourful hammock designs to choose from. You will need to decide how you wish to support your new hammock. The classic place to put your hammock is between 2 trees, but ideally placed trees are not always available, in which case, you can use one tree together with our special Madera support, or use one of our free-standing hammock supports - ideal for patios. We also supply wall fixtures for attaching hammocks to walls or posts, indoors and outside. We also stock matching cushions and protective covers. Our Lambada hammock range is manufactured by Amazonas and originates from from the Creara region in the North East of Brazil where hammock making has a long tradition. All Lambada hammocks have a lying surface of 210 x 140cm, an overall length of 320cm, and can support loads up to 120kg (19 stone).

Lambada Tropical Hammock Lambada Mango Hammock Lambada Natura Hammock
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Lambada Melon Hammock
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Each of our Lambada hammocks is supplied with a FREE matching Hammock Bag, made from the same stylish and durable material from which the hammock itself is made. What's more, the hammock bag is extremely-well manufactured, so it won't fall apart - in fact when you open your package, the bag alone will tell you what a high quality product this is!


Our Barbados hammocks have a maximum load capacity of 160 Kg 25 Stone) - a very high figure for a hammock, which reflects the quality of materials and workmanship of our Paradiso hammock range.

How to lie in a hammock: The most important thing is to arrange the hammock's suspension loops at head height, and only some 3m distant from each other, thereby allowing the hammock to hang down in a deep arc. This then allows a diagonal lying position, like a real Brazilian ("from corner to corner"), and not straight. This keeps the back straight and is the secret of being able to lie comfortably and relaxed for hours on end in a hammock. As wobbly wooden cross-pieces are intentionally not used, one lies securely and without fear of falling out! In Brazil, hammocks are still used as beds, as they always have been. This is the reason that they are as wide and comfortable as a bed! Even if you are only going to use your hammock for relaxation, you should still try to adopt the Brazilian way of lying: Contrary to European ideas, hammocks are not hung taut.

Do I need hammock accessories? If you just buy the hammock itself, you will need to provide a means to support the hammock yourself. At each end of your hammock you will find a hard-wearing loop, woven from the gathering of hammock threads. The simplest do-it-yourself support is made from a piece of rope, threaded through each end-loop, and then tied to a tree, post or wall bracket. If you prefer to simplify things, we stock a full range of easy to fit supports - from free-standing hammock frames (ideal for the patio), to tree ropes and wall fixings. We also stock matching pillows and hammock covers, ideal for prolonging the life of your hammock if you keep it permanently outside.

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