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Barbados Cappuccino Hammock

Cappuccino Hammock for 1-2 people from Amazonas, in
our view makers of the best hammocks you can buy ...

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The Barbados Cappuccino hammock for 1-2 people is a high-quality large hammock in our Amazonas Barbados Hammock range, offering great comfort and attractive styling. What's more, it is very strong and is designed to be left outside for many years. Our Barbados Cappuccino is manufactured by Amazonas and originates from from the Creara region in the North East of Brazil. These are not the same as the hammocks often sold on the high street, which tend to be less comfortable, and are not made to the same standards. We have looked at many hammocks available and these are clearly the best we have seen and we are therefore very happy to recommend them to anyone looking to buy a hammock for their garden. All Barbados hammocks have a lying surface of 230 x 150cm, an overall length of 340cm, and can support loads up to 160kg (25 stone).
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Barbados Cappuccino Hammock

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Total: £69.00

add Pillow: £ 19.95
    add Cover: £ 19.95

There are many hammocks for sale these days, but most of them are not very good quality, and tend not to last very long, let alone be truly comfortable. Our Paradiso Hammocks from Amazonas are high-quality Brazilian hammocks made in the traditional South American style. South America is where hammocks first originated.

Supporting your hammock: If you just buy the hammock itself, you will need to provide a means to support the hammock yourself. At each end of your hammock you will find a hard-wearing loop, woven from the gathering of hammock threads. The simplest do-it-yourself support is made from a piece of rope, threaded through each end-loop, and then tied to a tree, post or wall bracket. If you prefer to simplify things, we stock a full range of easy to fit supports - from free-standing hammock frames (ideal for the patio), to tree ropes and wall fixings. For more info, or to order your hammock supports separately, please see our hammock support accessories page.

Pillows: You don't absolutely need a pillow to feel comfortable on our Paradiso Hammock. However, our pillows are specially made to enhance your hammock comfort and are selected to exactly match the hammock pattern. enlarge image.

Protective Cover: Your hammock should be ok left outside in the sun and the rain, but you can extend the life of your hammock by putting on a cover when not in use. Our hammock covers fit like a sock, slide up to the top of the hammock support when the hammock is in use, and simply slide down again over the hammock when the hammock is not in use. Alternatively, you can easily bring your hammock inside by unclipping it from its support. view image of cover.

Each of our Amazonas hammocks is supplied with a FREE matching Hammock Bag, made from the same stylish and durable material from which the hammock itself is made. What's more, the hammock bag is extremely-well manufactured, so it won't fall apart - in fact when you open your package, the bag alone will tell you what a high quality product this is! The bag supplied will have the same pattern as the ahmmock itself. enlarge

  • EASY to put up!
  • Brown & beige stripey pattern, classic hammock style, 100% Cotton
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor use
  • Various support methods available
  • Satisfaction guarantee *
* Full 1 year warranty from date of purchase.


Lying Surface
230 x 150 cm
Total Length
340 cm
Max. Load
160kg (25 stone)

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