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Quick & Easy Plant & Gardening Guide on CD
Find the right plants for your garden & conditions

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One of the secrets to a successful garden is to create areas of complementary colour that evolve in a harmonious way throughout the season. The easiest part is to plan the colours - some gardeners prefer grouping different plants of similar colour, while others tend to select different colours that in one way or another contrast or complement eachother. Selecting colour, however, is only the beginning, as there are more complicated questions that follow: Which plants should I consider? How can I ensure that flowers are visible in my garden throught the season? Which plants are compatible with my soil? Our Complete Gardens CD provides you with the help you need to answer these and many more questions. Even if you are a gardening novice, Complete Gardens will enable you to plan your garden in a professional way. What we also like about this product is that it is British made - there are other CDs out there that claim to do the same thing, however they are, more often than not, made in the US or Asia, making them interesting to some, but largely irrelevant in terms of plant selection to most people. The plants you find with this CD are plants that are actually generally available in UK garden centres! The British origins of this CD, along with the quality of the content, are one of the main reasons why it has received such rave reviews from the likes of BBC Gardener's World Magazine, The Times newspaper and Perfect Homes magazine, to name a few.
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Complete Gardens CD

COMPLETE GARDENS Plant & Gardening Guide on CD

Our gardening softare CD is the brainchild of Neil Bromhall, a professional wildlife cameraman, and Emmy Award Winner on BBC David Attenborough's 'Private Life Of Plants'. Neil, together with his team of professional horticulturalists, authors, and software specialists, have, in our opinion, managed to create something really quite special - just a brief look at some of these stunning photographs contained on the CD will enable you to get a flavour of what we mean.

The Complete Gardens Interactive 'Plant Finder & Gardening Guide' CD Rom, is a quick and easy tool packed full of ideas to help you create a garden with all year colour & interest. Find the right plants for your garden and conditions. Search by Latin & common Name, flower & leaf Colour, Month, Aspect & Soil type. Learn how to grow healthy plants that will thrive & look their best. Know which, when & how to prune your plants.

Additional benefits:
  • Compile and print out lists of plants that you can take with you to the garden centre
  • Add your own personal notes to plant descriptions
  • Create a calender for planting and caring for your plants
  • Understand plants better before you plant: each plant is accompanied with numerous photographs to show size, seasonal colour changes and illustrated pruning advice
  • Update your software every 6 months, should you wish, enabling you to build a massive plant reference library
  • Easily source desired plant varieties that you are unable to find in your local garden centre
Gardening Software overview:
  • Absolute Latest Software version - GUARANTEED!
  • Plan an attractive garden with all-year colour & interest and add value to your property
  • Ideal for novices and experts alike
  • Fast and practical search tool, with in-depth plant care advice
  • Over 2,500 plants & 6,400 stunning photographs
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Know when, what and how to prune
  • MAC & PC compatible
  • The ideal Gardening Gift!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!*

* Money back guarantee within 14 days if you are not fully satisfied with this product.

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