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Soil Testing Kits to help you to
maximise your garden's growing potential

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Our Soil Testing Kits are a very useful gardening aid. The most important aspects of testing garden soil are: understanding the soil type, and its pH value. Both should be assessed before buying plants. The pH of a soil refers to its acidity or alkalinity and is a vital factor in good plant growth. It is easy to measure using our soil testing kits below, and is usually listed numerically on a scale of one to 14. Acid soils have a pH of below seven, neutral is pH7, and alkaline is greater than seven. For most garden plants a neutral soil is ideal but some, such as camellias and rhododendrons, should be planted in an acid soil. Others, including many clematis and lilacs, prefer alkaline conditions.

pH, Phosphorus, Nitrogen, Potash Soil Test Kit
This is a comprehensive chemical-based soil test kit that tests for pH (ie acid/alkaline), phosphorus, nitrogen and potash. The contents are sufficient for about 80 tests. The kit includes a detailed booklet, and is packaged in a sturdy plastic carrying case. This is the kind of product suitable for someone who wants to understand the exact chemical composition of their soil, in detail - the ideal gift for an inquisitive gardener!
£ 36.95
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Out of Stock

Kit for Testing the pH Value of Your Soil
Liquid and powder formula for effective quick testing of pH. Enough for 15 tests. Plant pH preference list included.
£ 9.95
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Out of Stock

Deluxe Soil pH Meter
A deluxe soil pH meter with flexible curly cable and convenient belt clip. Supplied with comprehensive booklet to refer to. No batteries required.
£ 16.95
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In Stock (20/08/2019)

Deluxe Soil Moisture Meter
A deluxe soil moisture meter with flexible curly cable and convenient belt clip. Supplied with comprehensive booklet to refer to. No batteries required.
£ 16.95
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In Stock (20/08/2019)

Professional pH Soil Test Kit
This kit is designed to make testing pH easier and more efficient for the professional nursery or farmer. Supplied in a strong carrying case with full instructions and recommendations on liming and pH levels. Reading card ranges from pH 4.5 to 7.0. Sufficient for approximately 50 tests.
£ 79.95
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In Stock (20/08/2019)

Professional pH, N, P, K Soil Test Kit
A substantial product for nurserymen and farmers, allowing you to perform low cost tests for all the major nutrients in your soil. Provided in a sturdy carrying case, complete with full instructions and recommendations to allow you to grow successfully. Contains enough for approximately 200 tests.
£ 99.95
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Out of Stock

Soil Thermometer
A quality soil thermometer in a strong metal case. Length approx. 22cm, 9-inches
£ 12.95
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In Stock (20/08/2019)

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