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Professional Competition-standard Table Tennis Bats

Competition Table Tennis Bats

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CORNILLEAU Impulse competition table tennis bats are comparable to the standard of bat used by international table tennis champions. Approved by the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) they have outstanding features not normally found on bats in your local sports shop. These are no ordinary table tennis bats, and even if you are an amateur player, you will very likely realise a big difference compared to the other non-professional bats you have used before. The Perforated Handle System improves the power of your game by transferring more energy to the racket head. The handle also has ventilation channels which reduce the effects of hand perspiration and significantly improving the performance of the racket. The homogenity of the micro air bubbles of the FAST sponge provides a perfect lightness and a great elasticity for maximum power and excellent spin. These are the perfect bats for an offensive, attacking game. Cornilleau's (pronounced "kor-nee-oh" in English) reputation in the world of Table Tennis has been built on 35 years of know how, attention to detail and constant innovative developments, not forgetting the creative modern look that distinguishes Cornilleau tables from other tables. Cornilleau is the best known brand in France for quality table tennis tables and equipment, and we are pleased to present their high-performance table tennis bats below.

  • Top-quality professional competition standard table tennis bats
  • Ideal for an attacking offensive game
  • ITTF approved

Bat for competitive play, providing excellent control while offering good adherence. ITTF-approved. Perforated handle system. Fast Sponge 1.5mm. Covering: ITTF Performa 1. enlarge image

add 3 Competition Balls: £ 4.95   
add Gatien Bat Cover: £ 5.95   

  £ 29.95

In Stock
Bat for competitive play, offering the best compromise between adherence, control and speed. ITTF-approved. Perforated handle system. Fast Sponge 2.0mm. Wood: Offensif. Covering: ITTF Performa 1. enlarge image

add 3 Competition Balls: £ 4.95   
add Gatien Bat Cover: £ 5.95   

  £ 35.40

In Stock
Cornilleau's best bat. If you play an offensive game, this bat will give you great sensations thanks to its light weight (balsa centre) and very fast "Offensif+" wood. Its coating allows for great spin. ITTF-approved. Perforated handle system. Fast Sponge 2.2mm. Balsa Light Technology. Wood: Offensif+. Covering: ITTF Performa 2. enlarge image

add 3 Competition Balls: £ 4.95   
add Gatien Bat Cover: £ 5.95   

  £ 49.95

In Stock


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with Training CD Rom
Very high-quality balls, used in international competitions. Colour white. enlarge image. see also: Full range of Table Tennis Balls Increases the life of your bat by protecting it from dust, dirt and knocks. It can hold up to 2 bats, and 3 balls (not included).
enlarge image

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