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Outdoor Rainproof, Water-resiatnt Table Tennis Bats from Cornilleau

Cornilleau TACTEO Weatherproof Table Tennis Bats
High-performance, long-lasting bats that you can even
leave out in the rain by mistake!

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Many people these days buy outdoor table-tennis tables that can be used outdoors when the weather is fine. While an outdoor table left out in the rain will suffer no harm, table tennis bats suffer very badly. Just one shower and a traditional wooden bat is usually ruined. The answer? Tacteo all-weather outdoor table tennis bats from Cornilleau. These hi-tech bats are so good and long-lasting, you probably won't want to use a wooden bat again, even for indoor play. The Air Driver System, developed in conjunction with Michelin, results in a very dynamic surface technology with cavities which compress and then expel air to propel the ball and increase its speed. These bats are, of course, waterproof, shock resistant and have a soft touch grip. They can even be washed regularly using soapy water to eliminate dirt and perspiration. The Tacteo range of revolutionary Cornilleau-Michelin table tennis bats is moulded from a bi-injection manufacturing process. The Tacteo bat is made entirely from composite materials, combining a polymer blade and an elastomer surface. The new bats offer extremely high performance, long-term durability, comfort and grip, as well as a modern and dynamic design. The Tacteo 30 is aimed at schools, where a tough yet well-performing bat is required. The Tacteo 50 is aimed at experienced palyers, while the Tacteo 60 made from polymer and glass fibre is for real enthusiasts. Cornilleau's (pronounced "kor-nee-oh" in English) reputation in the world of Table Tennis has been built on 35 years of know how, attention to detail and constant innovative developments, not forgetting the creative modern look that distinguishes Cornilleau table tennis equipment. Cornilleau is the best known brand in France for quality table tennis tables and equipment and the European leader, and we are pleased to present their high-performance table tennis bats below.
  • Top-quality next-generation table-tennis bats
  • Ideal for beginners and table tennis enthusiasts
  • Waterproof!
  • Air Driver System, for more power
  • Durable and longer-lasting than wooden bats
  • Soft-Touch grip

POLYMER. The Tacteo 30 composite bat is designed for intensive table tennis practice. Unbreakable, highly durable, with a good grip and performance in play, it is ideal for intensive use in schools, youth clubs and holiday centres. Speed 5 Spin 5 Control 8 enlarge image

add 6 SPORT Balls: £ 5.95   
add Gatien Bat Cover: £ 5.95   

  £ 14.95

Out of Stock
POLYMER. A perfect marriage of technological innovation and design, the Tacteo 50 composite bat will allow all ages to be at ease in discovering the pleasures of table tennis. It offers unique advantages, whether you consider its performance, its resistance to shocks and exterior conditions, or its comfortable grip. Speed 7 Spin 6 Control 8 enlarge image

add 6 SPORT Balls: £ 5.95   
add Gatien Bat Cover: £ 5.95   

  £ 17.45

Out of Stock
Cornilleau's top-of-the-range weatherproof bat. POLYMER+GLASS FIBER. The Tacteo 60 Fiber composite bat is composed of a polymer blade reinforced with fibreglass. This innovative material gives rigidity to the blade to increase the speed of play and the pleasure of players seeking strong sensations. Like the other Tacteo bats, this bat is waterproof, shock resistant and has a soft touch grip. Speed 8 Spin 7 Control 7enlarge image

add 6 SPORT Balls: £ 5.95   
add Gatien Bat Cover: £ 5.95   

  £ 22.50

Out of Stock
This is the latest addition to the successful Tacteo series. The pack includes 2 Tacteo bats and 3 Cornilleau Pro white balls. The Tacteo series is shock resistant as well as being waterproof. These bats can withstand rain and sun whilst the bi-injection coating provides a higher durability than traditional wooden bats. The performance rating is: Speed = 7, Spin = 6, Control = 8 enlarge image

  £ 27.95

Out of Stock

TACTEO: Performance that lasts

After three years of research and development with engineers from the Michelin laboratories, Cornilleau launched the first bi-injected composite bat. A product of Cornilleau's knowledge in table tennis and Michelin's expertise in rubber, the Tacteo bat offers resistance and durability unequaled on the market with a most innovative design.
Tough enough to take anything

The injected polymer blade provides a very solid core offering increased resistance to shocks and humidity. Its unique design offers great ergonomics making it easy to hold.
A coating that sticks through anything

The bi-injection manufacturing process ensures perfect adherence between the blade and the coating. This adhesion of two innovative composite materials allows the creation of the first bat with a coating that will never come off. It offers perfect resistance to the deterioration caused by time and humidity.
Playing performance

Based on the strength of their technical expertise, Michelin engineers have developed the ADS (air driver system) concept, a very dynamic coating with a revolutionary honeycomb structure. The shape of the holes and the great elasticity of the elastomer allows air to be compressed then freed after contact between ball and bat.


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Sport Balls: Above-average quality 3* table-tennis balls, for regular play. Colour white. enlarge image. see also: Full range of Table Tennis Balls Increases the life of your bat by protecting it from dust, dirt and knocks. It can hold up to 2 bats, and 3 balls (not included).
enlarge image

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