DYO Victory Wooden Climbing Frame

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DYO Victory Activity Play Centre Climbing Frame

Designing your own Victory Climbing Frame
is easier than you might think!

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You have probably already seen our standard Victory Climbing Frame kit, and are now visiting this page to see how you can customize the Victory to meet your own special needs. Customizing your Victory is actually easier than you might think. This is because, our Action Climbing Frame range is made up of a series of modules that can be more or less put together in any way you wish. In order to design your own Victory, just select the modules you would like to put together. There are some modules below that are not part part of the standard climbing frame, but which can be added. In general, the modules can be added to the Victory in any direction you choose, which will enable you to create a shape that fits perfectly within the space you have available in your garden. In any case, we will check your design once you have submitted your order and contact you if necessary before processing your order. If you would like to email us a sketch of your design, we can verify it for you before you make your order. If you would like to telephone us to help you with your design, please do not hesitate to do so. Whatever design you choose, we will supply your climbing farme as a complete kit with full instructions tailored to your design.
Select your chosen modules below, and then click here >>

1.3m (4ft3in long x 2.6m (8ft6in) High Wooden Bow, 1.2m (4ft) x 1.3m (4ft3in) Bridge Deck, 1.2m (4ft) x 1.3m (4ft3in) Poop Deck, 1.2m (4ft) x 0.65m (2ft) x 0.6m (2ft) x 0.65m (2ft) Fore Decks, 0.65m (2ft) High Ship's Rails. enlarge image

  £ 2,265.00

Complete with mounts for 2 swings in the main section, and a climbing rope (or tyre swing etc) at the end. enlarge image

  £ 195.00

High-strength 2.5m long wave slide. Although made from a plastic, this is definitley not a cheap-looking slide. And, being green, it blends very well into the garden. The slide is raised at the end so that children land on their feet, not on their bottoms! enlarge image

  £ 79.00

High-strength 3m long wave slide. Although made from a plastic, this is definitley not a cheap-looking slide. And, being green, it blends very well into the garden. The slide is raised at the end so that children land on their feet, not on their bottoms! enlarge image

  £ 99.00

Provides additional access to the tower platform. enlarge image

  £ 170.00

Provides additional access to the boat deck. enlarge image, photo

  £ 115.00

Fits onto the side of Boat. enlarge image, photo 1, photo 2

  £ 89.00

Children love a wooden stair access to ther climbing frame tower, using it to run up, jump down, or just sit on a step and watch what's going on. enlarge image

  £ 155.00

Wooden Ladder, provides additional climbing possibility to the climbing frame tower. enlarge image

  £ 32.00

Wooden clatter bridge with support rails and posts. Attaches to the tower platform. enlarge image, photo

  £ 179.00

Commando Net on one side, Climbing Wall on the other. Fits at end of Swing Arm. enlarge image, photo 1, photo 2

  £ 285.00


Action Climbing Frames
Action Wooden Climbing Frames offer imaginative play combinations at exceptional prices - a fantastic place to play and have fun, supplied complete with everything you need, including comprehensive and easy to understand instructions. Your children will spend hours exploring the possibilities and playing with friends in the Tower. It makes an ideal Look-out point from which to survey the surrounding countryside for Indians on the war-path or rampaging Vikings! As the children grow and want more climbing opportunities, you can add additional modules.

Why buy from us?
We are proud to have been awarded the highest 5 Star Stockist status by Acton Climbing Frames, which places us among the very best independent Action Climbing Frame retailers in the UK. As a 5 Star stockist, we have a wide range of Action products available, have expert knowledge on all aspects of the products, and offer fantastic customer service.

Full Step by Step instructions are given with every item. Please follow all assembly instructions and do not carry out any adaptations to the Play Systems, as these could affect your warranty. Your Action climbing frame should always be secured to the ground that it stands on. If you are putting it on top of decking then we would suggest galvanised angle brackets available at most DIY stores, if you are putting it onto a grassy surface, woodchip, or similar then we recommend either cementing the legs into the ground, or using Ground Anchors. All Items are to be assembled by Adults. All Screws and Bolts together with Fixings and Anchor Points should be checked and, if required, adjusted at least twice a year. Replace any damaged parts immediately. The Pressure Treated timber will naturally, over time, change colour through Green to Brown and then to Grey. To reduce this colour change the timber can be treated with a wood preservative, available from Hardware and DIY stores. Cracks and Fissures may occur as timber dries and this is a normal process and does not affect the overall strength and durability of the timber. In fact, the rectangular timber sections used on our Action climbing frames greatly reduce cracking.

Our range is totally modular, which means that you can create your own layout, with the play features you and your children require. Of course you can still add to this in the future. This Design Your Own option allows you to choose exactly the play units you want. If your garden has a particular shape, or you have a wide age range of children then you can add play features that suit you. Our Design Your Own product range has allowed you to grow your climbing frame as your children grow, giving years of energetic play.

Safety Advice
Your Action Climbing Frame is suitable for children aged 3-14, up to a maximum of 50kg per child and up to a maximum of 3 children at any time. Not suitable for children under 36 months - children under this age may fall off and not be able to sufficiently support themselves. Do not position your climbing frame over concrete, asphalt or any other hard surface or near to any water hazards. We recommend that you place your climbing frame on a level surface at least 1.5m from any structure or obstruction such as a fence, garage, house, overhanging branches, laundry lines or electrical wires. Do not Modify your Play system as this may adversely affect it's function and will also void your warranty. Only to be used under Adult Supervision.

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